Lipitor Cases Still Pending in District Courts

There are many side effects that have been reported by patients to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and these have led to the filing of several lawsuits, news reports say. The effects of Lipitor among men and women who have taken it may have a higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes, according to the safety information released by the FDA, although this is not the only problem linked to the use of these cholesterol-lowering drugs. The lawsuits filed by several patients are still pending in different state courts and some plaintiffs are looking to settle their case. News about a move to consolidate all the cases were released but the federal panel denies the formation of a multidistrict litigation.


There are also some who have experienced developing liver problems and muscle weakness after starting the statin therapy. Patients who have experienced these problems claim that the cholesterol-lowering drug was the cause of their health problems. These cases were assessed before officially filing it in court. Federal law states that pharmaceutical companies need to provide patients with the necessary information pertaining to the use of the drug. Advertisements of drug companies need to provide a balance of the risks and benefits of the said medication, although direct consumer advertising may be able to avoid these strict rules in advertising because the benefits are at times overinflated while the risks are downsized.

This has been the case why patients claim to be unaware of the risks or the degree of the risks in taking some of these prescription medications, including Lipitor. Cases after cases have piled up due to these claims, some patients have been waiting to settle their case. Even with all these controversy, statins are now being used as a preventive treatment for those who are at risk of developing heart diseases and stroke. Lipitor may not be taken together with other medications may also cause health complications. Patients are advised by health care providers to avoid missing Lipitor or other statins with protease inhibitors, cyclosporine, fibrates, niacin, colchicine and grapefruit.

Still, Lipitor is one of the leading cholesterol-lowering medications in the market and it is being sold worldwide. Several studies are being made to ensure that these medications are safe for the millions of men and women who are taking it. Patients who have experienced these complications who are contemplating of filing a case may be able to gather information through the aid of a Lipitor lawyer.

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